Many of these sites have links to others, so the more you hop around the more you get to see!


A truly fun little site devoted to a monthly or so online Gundam modeling contest.  You might see a work or two from this site up there…


This site has some pretty decent work, focusing mainly on 1/144 scale kits.


Doug is an active member of the RAAM newsgroup and also the President of his local IPMS chapter.


Tons of reviews on a bunch of kits!


This is a web site dedicated to the art of Gundam modeling. It offers many things—you can view finished models, learn techniques for modeling, visit new links, see workbenchs, and participate in one of the most active Gundam related message boards out there.  Sit to be revamped in 2005.




This Usenet newsgroup is a true gem; full of helpful modelers and tons of history about Gundam/Anime in general and of course specific news, tips and resources for Anime Modeling.


Google Groups rec.arts.anime.models

An easy way to access Usenet, and search the archives of a group.


This site focuses mainly on One Year War Series such as MSG, 0080, 08th MST etc.  Lots of info.  Note:  This site has been revamped to a much more bare bones effort, but still good.


This site used to have it alll—an excellent message board, a very complete gallery covering all Gundam series, and an up-to-date news section.  Now it appears to be a dead site, but I’m staying hopeful.


This site has a great reference—Burke’s Mecha Domain lineart and Mecha reference were moved here!

Some outstanding screenshots galleries for the Gundam Wing modeler


This is a purely Gundam X site.  It isn’t fully up, but has some nice mecha reference and line art shots.



Translation Site: Excite Japanese to English Translations –This site allows you to translate the Japanese web text into English!  It isn’t perfect, but more than adequate to read.  Note:  There are two radio buttons under the URL entry box.  If the translation doesn’t work with the first button checked, try it with the other box checked.


Making Figures (English Site)


This site is one of the better Japanese Plamo sites.  The works shown on this page are seen in Hobby Japan.


Another great site!



A great Sci-Fi modeling reference site with tons of cross-links for Star Wars/Star Trek info


A very good general modeling reference.  I am a moderator in the Mecha Modeling Forum—come on over and chat!


Saving one of the best for last—don’t let the tiny logo fool you!  This is one of the best Sci-Fi sites out there, covering a huge range of Sci-Fi and Mecha topics with a huge assortment of links, products, tips etc.  Definitely a must-see!

Unique & original Babylon 5 resin kits.


Buy your Japanese models and modeling supplies straight from the source!  Not just a Gundam site, these guys are a complete on-line hobby shop with outstanding service.  Great site, with secure ordering, and pictures of nearly every item.


Gundam Listings --This page lists all the Gundam items on sale in Japan’s equivalent to eBay.  You can plug this page into the Excite Japan Web Translator and really read what the product is!


 --This page lists ALL models for sale on Yahoo Japan.


OK, you just saw something on Yahoo Japan.  How do you get it?  Here is one Pay service that will bid, buy and ship your Yahoo Japan auction wins:

Celga banner

They aren’t super cheap, but they do provide a service that can get you some truly rare anime items.