For some of these reviews to make sense, a lexicon of modeling terms is required. Iíve thrown together a small list of terms.

Scribing Panel Lines

My simple technique to restore panel lines that have been samded off, or to create new ones for added detailing

Resin Joint Covers for Polyvinyl (PV)

Tired of unpaintable PV joints on your HG kits? This technique lets you build resin covers over the PV!

LED Basics

Want to bring a little life to your

Gundam or StarFury? LEDs are cheap and easy!

SMD LED Basics

My tutorial and examples based on Tetsujinís excellent guide

Devil with the Green Eyes

LEDs applied to the HG Gundam 1:100 DeathScythe Hell.


Results and tips from my experiments using super glue and talcum powder as a putty/filler

Building a Better Spray Booth

The homemade Spray booth Mk II!

Altron High Mobility Ankle Modification

Goes through the steps involved in giving the 1:100 HG Altron kit a double ball socket ankle joint

rec.arts.anime.models FAQ

FAQ for the premiere Gundam modeling Usenet Group!

rec.models.scale FAQ

FAQ for the premiere general modeling Usenet Group!