The Wilde Sau (what a Pig!)

A few looks:

This pose isn’t fixed, except the legs.  Everywhere you see bright white, it’s a new casting.

Pinholes were definitely a problem—even on the pieces I cast!

Clearer shot of body.  The right one is “Fraken-foot”.  Note the feet actually should sit flat.  The surface this was taken on was bent.

Lower Torso close ups

The brass rods between the upper and lower leg will be anchored with a Milliput socket

This shot shows all the components that made up the bulk of the work!

When you get the kit, look for the putty marks you see above.  Good luck finding any…

In several cases, it was much easier to remove and replace the original parts rather than fix them.


There are some parts that can not be added until after painting—mainly the springs and braided metal hoses I will use to cover up the joints.  This is the basic kit though, and to my eye catches the anime look very well.


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