The Wilde Sau, Part II


It’s done!!  All told, this model took about 4 ½ months.  The last month and a half was tied up with final parts prep after priming, painting and weathering.  Finally, one of the coolest mecha from Megazone 23 Part II is ready to tangle with the Gorig!


 Warning:  Some of these images are fairly big, so this page may take a while to load…



A close up of the head and chest.  Note the “cables” added at the right knee to hide the joint.



One of my favorite shots—looks ready to go rip ”Garland Rider 7” to pieces…



A Front, ¾ view.  Another good, heroic pose:



Rear View:  Built for Speed!



A ¾ rear view; loads of mechanical details.



A close up of the feet.  The design of the kit shows off a ton of great mechanical detail around the ankles and feet area.  Quick:  Which foot was partially scratchbuilt?



The feet and lower leg detail from the rear:






A note on the colors:  The base coat is simply Gunze–Sangyo Mr. Color Super White IV (#156) and Blue (#5) mixed to produce a baby blue that matched the Megazone 23 part II video tape I have.  The yellow bands are G-S Orange Yellow (#58) and the rocket nozzles are G-S Burnt Iron (#61).  The Dark gray parts are Testor’s Model Master Intermediate Blue (FS 35164), which out of the bottle is a dead ringer for the anime color scheme.  The light gray upper arms were done with Model Master Light Ghost Gray (FS 36375), heavily washed with grungy black.  The Hands were painted with Floquil Graphite, and the green antenna patches were done with Floquil M.K.T. Green, from their railroad color line.  The weathering was done with a wash of blackish, black blue and a nasty rusty color for around the exposed mechanicals.  The washes and paints were sealed with dull coat to give a scaled military look to the hardware.


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