Devil with the Green Eyes


I took the plunge by first assembling the head, applying glue along the outer edge since I was planning on destroying the assembly pins to fit the LED.After it was dry and the outer part painted black, I realized I forgot to paint the green eyepiece black where the eyes weren't.Doh!!DSH has probably the narrowest eye slit of any Wing Gundam, so trying to get a damn fine bush in there to paint the "raccoon mask" is why I ended up later on using a toothpick to clean it up.Thanks to my stupidity, I was able to serendipitously discover a way to make cheesy clear beam parts look cool!

††††††††† I used my Dremel tool to grind out the interior of the head.I tried a couple different green LEDs (for a number of reasons, including life and heat, LEDs are the only practical solution).The one that worked best was an odd one I got from a Radio Shack multi-pack.Instead of the usual round lens, this one has a square head that sheds light equally in all directions.I couldnít get the regular shaped LEDs to point directly to the eyes due to space, so they didnít illuminate as well even though they were brighter than the square head LED.

††††††††† By the way, did I mention that I started this when the rest of the kit was assembled and painted?So, I just got myself a little head, Iím feeling good (did that come out right?), but where the heck do the wires go?What wires?I had the kit built, so internal batteries werenít an option.I planned on running the wires down through the torso, into the right leg, and out through the right heel.For wiring I used telephone cord wires (thinnest, cheapest multi-strand wire you can get).I removed the neck ball joint from the torso, and drilled completely through the torso with a pin vise, and ran the wires.That was the easy part.The hard part was getting the wires from the torso through the waist.I considered drilling out the leg ball joint, but that was simply too much to cut through.I ended up drilling right above the leg ball joint.I cut a chunk out of the torso PV cap so the wires could run through the gap in the PV without weakening the plastic peg or the waist joint.

††††††††† The hole I ended up drilling just above the right leg ball joint is completely obscured by the upper thigh and the hip armor plates.It took a few tries to wrangle the wire completely through the torso, but when finished the wiring is completely hidden.I continued running the wire through the leg, drilling into the plastic pegs on the knee block and passing the wire completely through.The wire exits at the heel, and when can be pulled back into the leg so it is invisible from the outside.

††††††††† Since I started the mod after the kit was done, I had to wing it on the neck.I used Milliput to rebuild the neck area, which effective froze the LED in place.The head essentially rests on top of the LED, and can be popped off.If I do this again, I will build the LED into the head, and try to work in a neck joint that allows some flexibility.Another problem I have had is light leaking where the head has small gaps.By building the LED better into the head, I can tackle this more directly next time.

Gundam DeathScythe Hell Glow Gallery:


Eyes 1†††††††††††††††† Eyes 2†††††††††††††††† Eyes 3†††††††††††††††† Eyes 4


Note:the pictures are all basically the same except different exposures


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